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Jewellery Ring Resizing

It's not always possible to determine the size of ring you need when you order, especially if it is to be a surprise for someone special.

This is why we offer a free ring resizing service, which is available to use within 60 days of your purchase or a paid service for jewellery not made by us. This is a straightforward process as long as the change is within one size of your original order, otherwise more extensive alterations will be required.  

The size and shape of our fingers can change over time, which is why ring resizing can be so helpful.

By adding or removing metal from the ring, you can create the perfect fit for your wedding ring, engagement ring or eternity band, ensuring that you can continue to wear your most treasured pieces of jewellery for as long as you wish. 

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If you are unsure as to the alterations you need, our experienced jewellers are here to help. They will size your finger precisely and talk you through the process of removing and resetting your precious stones if required to adjust the proportions of the ring.

Our team will then ensure that the ring has the perfect finish, with a clean and polish that will remove any sign of alterations.

Get in touch with The Cornwall Jewellery Co. today to discuss resizing your jewellery ring.


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