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How to Refresh & Repurpose Old Jewellery

At The Cornwall Jewellery Co. we understands the personal meaning jewellery can have for the wearer, which is why we're dedicated to making sure you can retain your treasured pieces long into the future, even if that means their form has to change.

We are able to work closely with you to refresh your jewellery or repurpose it into something just as beautiful and meaningful. Find out more about our services below:

Restoring Old Jewellery

If you have some pieces that have been in storage for a long time and need some care and attention before they can be worn again, or if you have an item of well-loved jewellery that could benefit from a bit of TLC, we can return your treasured pieces to their previous glory with our restoration service.

We can fix any damage or breakages seamlessly so that you can keep on wearing your beloved jewellery. But if it's a simple clean and polish that you require, rest assured we can help you with this too. No matter how old, rusty, dull or damaged your jewellery is, our professionals will be able to restore any item so it's sparkling once again.


restoring old jewellery 

Repurposing Jewellery Materials

If you have an item of jewellery that's beyond repair or you simply no longer wear, we can repurpose the materials to create a wonderful new piece that you are bound to love. Want to turn an old wedding ring into a new necklace or pair of earrings? No problem!

We will melt down the metal in order to reuse it or we can also retrieve the stones from the original piece and incorporate them into an entirely new design, or even a completely different type of jewellery.

Combining Unwanted Jewellery Pieces

If you have multiple jewellery items that you no longer want, we can also take these pieces and combine them to craft a new item of jewellery that better suits your tastes.

Similarly, if there are certain elements that are particularly special to you and you want them to be used in a new piece, we can take all of the parts you love and repurpose them.

Opting to combine old jewellery pieces is a great option for both your wallet and the environment.

Repurposing pre-loved items means that you only have to pay for the cost of labour - there are very few, if any, material costs. In this way, you will save money while still getting a wonderful new piece of jewellery.


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Here at The Cornwall Jewellery Co., we love refreshing and repurposing old jewellery and have experience with a wide range of styles and bespoke pieces.

We are dedicated to creating pieces that you will love and can enjoy wearing for years to come. Simply contact us and let us know what we can do for you.